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Welcome to York Makers

Our goal at York Makers is to provide Artisans from across York Region, Ontario with opportunities to grow their businesses, showcase their products and gain exposure in the local economy. This goal is achieved by producing juried art markets, facilitating artist led DIY workshops and giving back to the community.

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Here on the Meet the Maker series we hope to introduce you to the local artists and creators from York Region. I want to invite you to meet Liza Wallman, the designer and creator of Halyard Flags.

Please tell us a bit about yourself and one interesting fact.


My name is Liza Wallman and I am an artist and perpetual student. I live in Toronto and do my work for my small business, Halyard, at my studio in Uxbridge. My days often involve getting a good night’s sleep, listening to podcasts, studying, cooking and of course making hand painted flags and signs. My most recent interesting fact about me is that I drove to Washington to attend the Women’s March on Washington!

I absolutely love your half and half flags. Where did this idea come from?


Thank you! This idea came from a couple of places. First, my boyfriend is a duel citizen of America and Canada. Around 4 years ago I made him a piece where the Canadian flag was on one side and the American was on the other. Shortly after, a friend of mine who lives in England asked me to make a half Canada half Union Jack flag. It’s true what they say: life is the best inspiration.

Can you describe your process and how long it takes to produce a piece?

My process is so fun. There are four main steps: cutting the wood, drawing and painting the design, halyaard5sanding and staining the piece, and putting on the hardware. My favourite step initially was the painting; however, I’ve really grown to love cutting the wood and am proud of this particular skill set I have developed. Pieces can take anywhere from 2 hours to 10 hours to complete from start to finish, without drying time.

Why did you decide to open an Etsy store?Halyard 8

Above all, the support of my family and friends made me decide to open an Etsy store. The fact that it was inexpensive and relatively easy to set up definitely helped.

Do you have any markets booked for 2017 and if so, where can we find you?

2017 is an exciting year for me! I’m back in school (See? I told you I was a perpetual student.) taking a project management program to advance my career and my small business. I halyard1decided to take a break from craft shows while I’m in school but I can’t wait to get back to shows in 2018!

What is your most popular design?

My most popular design is the half USA half Canada flag, by far.  Although, my recently released camping signs are a close second.

Coffee or tea?

Tea! Especially if it’s from a local vendor. I love an herbal dessert tea.halyard7

Check out the latest and greatest from Liza and Halyard Flags!




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