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The quiet book is bound together for easy carrying. Also available with 4 and 8 pages book.

The quit book is 7″ all sides (square), 18 cm.
Choose 8 activities from the list.

1. Mouse in the cheese! Little mouse with long tail to go through the holes in the cheese. The mouse is hiding in his burrow. For fine motor skills, hide and seek, inside and outside learning.

2. Colorful shapes – 4 basic shapes. Learning colors, shapes and matching.

3. Hide and Seek in the rain puddle – behind the cloud: butterfly, in the bush: duckling, under the small leaf: fish, under the big leaf: frog. learning in and out, above and under, names of animals.

4. Beads and bells – The beauty of simplicity. A string with big beads and bells.

5. Rainbow sticks – looming the sticks by colors. Learning colors name, fine motor skills.

6. Treasure box on a beach – Learn to button a button, playing with colorful thread and textures. open your imagination.

7. Apple trees – Comes in 3 colors. Learning colors and matching, fine motor skills.

8. Baby diaper – Self identification or Can be helpful if there is little sibling, fine motor skills.

9. In the field – Tractor and a cart moving side to side.You can put the vegetable in the cart or plant them in the soil. Can choose one of the pages or both. Names of vegetables, field activities, fine motor skills.

10. Good night owl – a tree, stars in the sky, and an owl with one side eyes open and the other side eyes closed.

11. Cookie Monster – 2 Pages: one of the cookie jar and the second with a cookie monster. You can order just one of them. Learning to use a zipper, inside and out. Fine motor skills.

Each page in the quit book displays other activities designed to develop: COLORS AND SHAPES RECOGNITION, FINE MOTOR SKILLS, open their IMAGINATION, learn NUMBERS and COUNTING and can be perfect when you need to keep your child busy (and quiet 🙂 ) at TRAVELS,FLIGHTS, DOCTOR APPOINTMENTS and for a quiet indoor play.

The felt quiet activity book is 100% hand made with lots of patience and attention to detail. The book is made from high quality and natural wool felt, colorful cotton fabrics, beads, ribbons, zippers and other art materials. Please supervise your children while playing if they are small and still put things in their mouth.

Choose 8 activities from the list, and send me a convo with the name or how do you want the cover to look like. For any questions please fill free to contact me.

If you want to add a greeting card (I’ll happily write it for you) or if you want to add\remove pages or suggest other pages ideas – convo me.
happy playing!

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